Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, purchase your next home or investment property or refinance your existing loan, Cube Finance Group can simplify the process for you by working for and with you, to ensure all your expectations and finance goals are met.

Cube Finance Group assists clients with their home loans as well as their residential investment property needs.

As an example, we recently finalised a refinance for a client’s investment home loans that are all secured by residential property.

We worked closely with our clients to understand their requirements as well as having an open dialogue with their accountant to ensure the loan structuring was in line with their tax strategy.

In a lending climate where banks have differentiated pricing for investment home loans, Cube was able to provide an investment home loan structure that was more flexible and accommodating. At the same time our work saved the client over $15,000 pa in interest when compared to their previous loans.

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Loan Process Considerations

Complimentary Property Reports

Knowing what your property is worth is sometimes hard and when purchasing a property you may like to get an idea of sales history for the area.

At Cube Finance Group, we will provide you with a free property report that gives you information on the property in question including estimated price guide, recent sales in the area and local facilities. When you approach your sale or purchase you will have greater confidence in your decisions and next steps for a successful transaction.

Identification Requirements

Cube representatives are skilled in helping its clients meet bank identification requirements (i.e. the 100 point checks). The simplest documentation for most of our clients to provide is their current drivers licence and valid passport. In addition, we may request copies of your Medicare card, birth certificate or marriage certificate. We support you with information on certification requirements and contacts for Justices of the Peace or authorised witnesses if you require them.

Income Documentation Tips

Most importantly, when applying for a loan, you will be required to show the lender documentation to prove your income and demonstrate your ability to cover repayments.

Documentation requirements change depending on whether you are an employee (also known as a PAYG applicant) or self employed. At Cube Financial Group, with permission, we will contact your accountant to get all relevant information. In doing so we work with them to maximise any possible taxation or other benefits for your situation giving you security that your lending will be working for you over the long term.

Accounting and Documentation Support

As an individual, self-employed business owner or larger developer, you will be asked for a range of financial documentation regarding your income, expenses, assets and liabilities.

To lighten the load for you, Cube Financial Group will guide you on what is needed and, should you be in need of a new accountant, has a strong relationship with a reputable firm to which we will refer you.

CFG receives no financial incentives to refer to our professional contacts.

Conveyancing and Legal Advice

It is very important if you are purchasing a property to have a reliable solicitor or conveyancer to assist in the settlement process. Cube Finance Group has a solicitor we highly recommend to all our clients to provide them with peace of mind that their transaction is in good hands, if you require one.

CFG receives no financial incentives as a result of this relationship.

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    The steps in the loan process:

  • First meeting/appointment
  • Gather all relevant documentation
  • Complete an application and submit
  • Loan is conditionally approved
  • Formal/unconditional approval of the loan
  • Loan documents arrive
  • Sign the loan documents
  • Settlement booking process
  • Settlement