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Do you want a new loan or to refinance? Cube will provide you with the guidance and support for a seamless experience and on-going relationship. Talk to us today about how we can help!

Contact the Cube team today to meet with us to discuss your needs and situation. We will come to your home or workplace  at a time suitable to you for a complimentary discussion of your goals and to explain our services.


Why Choose Us

Ethics and Privacy

The Cube Finance Group was founded on a passion for honesty and integrity. Every team member has been selected for their focus on great customer service and their personal ethics.

In addition, we will protect your information and privacy at all times and are governed by law in this regard. ASIC and our aggregators ensure our compliance with these regulations with regular reviews and checks.

Experience and Knowledge

The Cube Finance Group team is experienced and knowledgable on the products and lenders which may suit your needs. We will discuss your goals and preferred outcomes with you right from the start and give you a filtered range of options from which to choose.

Save Yourself the Time and Hassle

We will do your research and comparisons of lenders for you, saving you from taking time out of your work to visit lenders, do paperwork and follow up on your enquiries.

Achieve Your Personal Goals

The key to our reputation is that we understand your needs by thoroughly gathering as much information as possible about your circumstances and future goals. We also believe it is essential to work alongside your existing trusted advisors if needed.

We Negotiate on Your Behalf

As your Accredited Mortgage Broker we represent you with potential lenders to help you source the right loan for your needs and research the available offers from lenders regarding interest rates, reporting and fees.

Our Remuneration is Paid by the Lender

Our services are at no cost to you because we are paid by a commission by the lender on settlement which is fully disclosed in all documentation. The commission is paid to a broker or kept by the bank so the deal you get from the lender is the same whether you go direct or engage us to work for you.

Mobile and Flexible

A Cube Financial Group team member will come to you at a location and time that suits your lifestyle and commitments.

Accessible Ongoing Support

We are here for you long term. We want to be your lending advisors from our first meeting throughout your property investment journey. Our team members are accessible for you to contact at any time for any questions or assistance you may need.

Our Panel of Lenders

Just some of our lenders...


About Us

Scott Porter is an experienced finance broker who has been helping individuals, families and professional property developers get  the right solutions for their needs since 2003. Since starting out, Scott has grown from working as a sole practitioner to founding Teal Financial Services in 2008 which grew and became Cube Finance Group on 1 April 2014.

Scott has built his team over time to include specialists in personal and business finance solutions covering residential and commercial property. The team is united in its focus on understanding their clients’ needs and providing exceptional service in all situations.